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New to Two Kings Chess Tournaments?

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New to chess tournaments do not worry. Here's a quick guide to start off.

1.Know where your going.

For Two Kings Chess tournaments are located in Kingswood Primary School Basildon. The address is here:
Kingswood Primary School and Nursery
Clay Hill Road
SS16 5DE

2. Register for the event.

Two Kings Chess run two tournaments a year. Make sure you have all the right information on your form before you send it off to us. If you get any of the information wrong please contact us as soon as possible here.

3. Turning up on the day.

When you turn up on the day please enter and follow the instructions provided. First of all you will need to check the name of the player on the Check List. You do not need to tick or anything. Check all of your details on there and if there is anything wrong find the playing hall or a controller and they will be able to change this. Once you have checked all your details, wait in the parents room. You will be spoken to about the event and what is going to happen during the day.

The player will then be taken to the playing hall and they will play all 6 rounds.

Have a look around the walls of where you are sitting it may provide vital information like where toilets are or the chess playing hall. You may not use the grass if it is muddy you are not allowed on it.

4. Food will be provided if not there are local places where you can buy food from. Just ask the arbiters and they can give you directions.

To download this page click here.